A Messy Message

by Shane Tripp

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released April 9, 2013

Recorded and mastered at Amber Lit Studios by Matt Ten Clay

Shane Tripp - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Ben Weissenborn - percussion
Mandi Creveling - singing saw on "Nothing, part 2"



all rights reserved


Shane Tripp Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: May I?
I don't care if you hurt me
I see the moon shining brighter than it seems
I know there is still something left in me
ahhhh ahhhhh
And i get so lost sometimes
i get lost sometimes
and i get fucked up most times
i get lost sometimes
In my dream, I was parachuting
off of a building, onto another building
In another life, i was parachuting
off of a building, onto another building
May I live inside the hotel?
May I use the little boys room?
Track Name: Vinegar
No toothpaste is going to tell me what to do
Shut up, you! I will pass away
down a terrible corridor
in a wheelchair of doom
i want to get under the blanket, but no one has room
I can feel my kids being born on the table in you
on the table, there's a chalkboard, and on the chalkboard, there's a broom
and if you want to see my selections
sweep up the dirt into a pile i can recognize
because I lost the telescope
that's right
i've gotten all the scientists in a furious rage
i've lost the only telescope
I've got to get out
they're going to rip me to shreds
they're going to rip off my head
but not if i vibrate instead
Track Name: Ask my Hand
Wow, i think i need seaweed extremely
i'm not about to let this freak defeat me
that fluid from my knee is slowly leaking
and that shadow made of madness is a creeping
Look at these infinity mosquitos
it took a million years for me to breed those
and if you try, you can get high like i did
just go in there and put them in your eyelids
Place your hand upon a poisoned carcass
and run your little head into a cactus
do it, because it sends a messy message
oh, do it because you're so far above average
Someone breathed into a piece of paper
Someone held the door while we walked right in
I thought of nothing
mind was blank for a second
and then it hit me
like a song sung in reverse
i can see through people
i've acquired x-ray vision
i have my own thing
my own way of vomiting and spraying all my kids
who love to watch me spit, and i know i sound obtuse
but i swear it's the truth
ask my hand
How do you know what i'm thinking about
How do you always find out
why do you have all those lights on your face
and how are you making that sound
Track Name: Nothing, part 2
I saw the salt, and i sat down on the bed
she said, stand up and dance like your mom and daddy said
i said, why can't you see that i decided to sit, you little bitch
she took my hand, she said, yes i understand
but i need what i want, so i'm changing all your thoughts
i looked up at her teeth, and my eyes began to bleed into my mouth
Once there was a world where the people were all girls
I was there, I was scared, well, in fact, i didn't care
but i drove them away after they drove me insane, what a fun game
I asked the judge, can you do anything good
he said, yes i think i can, but it's you who's at the stand
i said, well i can sing, but the words don't mean a thing, except nothing
We all need to ask the question, what's my suggestion
i won't ever learn my lesson if i don't have myself to listen to me
and we all need to ask the question, am i aggressive
i won't ever be selected if i don't get those fuckers to listen to me
I can't count the times i've been alive
i have been alive though
i have so much power, i could cry, because i could take your life
Track Name: Temperance
I didn't know what i was, and no one was asking
brain was just flopping around in my skull in the basement
hearing the sound of a voice, what the hell did you say?
i fell in love with the words, i said take me away
i fell in love with the music, wonderful and optimistic
telling me how to get even with my soul
running around in my skin, i am bashful and wild
you told me i could come in and sleep for a while
you know if i lay down in bed, i'll never want to get out
i'll get so damn tired, i'll sleep til the sun's going down
i'll never look at the ceiling, i'll fall in love with the dreaming
i love when i wake up screaming at my wall
Don't make me tell you my fears, i'm as proud as a statue
and i've got grass in my ears, i'm sorry, i didn't catch you
i didn't want to provide you with any information
so, you can assume that my mind's on a permanent vacation
whatever my thoughts may turn to, really it doesn't concern you
i fell in love with a virtue all the way
Track Name: Confused to Meet you
So, I have my best idea yet
I'll try to find some kind of a sign
i'll go almost anywhere alone
and i know you know how slow i go
Hello, I'm confused to meet you
It's confusing to meet you again
I thought you were already dead
Am I supposed to make you my friend?
because i thought we were already friends
Too much sweet love getting in my head
no way to escape, cross the lake and save a place
Oh my god, i think you've lost your mind
should I get my ex-wife on the line?
Hello, I'm confused to meet you
It's confusing to meet you again
I thought you were already dead
am i supposed to make you my friend?
because i thought we were already friends
you happened upside down
your mom was a kind of a clown
and your dad must have had guns in both hands
why would i care?
Track Name: It's True
Is that blood, or are you just happy to see me
Is it good
are you scared i'm not doing what i'm supposed to be
well, i am
and is it good to be such a lucky motherfucker
yeah, fucker, yeah
and did you know that i'm often thinking about you
because you're so... i don't know
I don't know who you are, don't know who i am
I only think that it's fine
i think it's wonderful
someone as lovable could love someone who's left behind
all the significance that made the difference
i better make sure that you're mine
Because i don't ever want to be afraid to say it's true
and i no longer am afraid to say that it's true
Is it real
is this really happening to me
what's the deal
i can't sleep
i couldn't even tell you what year it is
ain't that sweet
tell me how
how's it feel to finally dismiss me
are you proud, tell me how
and did you know that i was ready to be the one
to give you peace and be your beast
i'd set my hair on fire and swing from a telephone wire
to see the look upon your face
i'd go a century without touching anything
to prove myself and take his place
but i guess it's over now
i guess i'll see you around
because i no longer am afraid to say that it's true
and i don't think i'll ever be afraid to say it's true
Track Name: On a Merry-go-round
I was there first
you should know
I was happy on my own
spinning freely in my zone
at the playground next to home
and then the older kids
they invaded my privacy
well, i didn't mind
they were alright with me
they were having fun
just looking down on me
so, i stayed right where i was
and let them push me just because
they turned my vision into fuzz
that's just what dizziness does
and then i could not hold on
so, i begged them to stop
when i lost my grip
i held my breath
and i flew until earth caught my head
I saw my lady in the clouds
as i was writhing on the ground
she asked me if i was okay
so, i got up and i walked away